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London Symphony Orchestra/Duncan Ward with Abel Selaocoe

EFG London Jazz Festival

Picture of Abel Selacoe

South African and European traditions meet in the transformative music of Abel Selaocoe alongside folk and jazz-flecked music from Gary Carpenter and Bartók.

Cellist, singer, percussionist, master of ritual: Abel Selaocoe enthrals audiences with performances that sound like nobody else. As a musician and composer, he draws on a mixture of genres and styles, and from the musical idioms of both South Africa and Europe. His debut performance with the London Symphony Orchestra introduces his much-anticipated cello concerto, Four Spirits. We also hear an exuberant folk-music suite by Béla Bartók, himself a gleeful disruptor of musical dogmas, and a jazz-infused opener from British composer Gary Carpenter. 

The good mood promises to be infectious in the LSO’s first collaboration with Abel Selaocoe, with added electricity provided by conductor Duncan Ward and pre-concert foyer performances by Guildhall Jazz. 

Pre-Concert Performances
7pm Freestage Level G
Guildhall School Jazz Musicians

This performance will end at approximately 9.30pm

Produced by the London Symphony Orchestra