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Figures in Focus: Apocalyptic (15*) + Screentalk 

London International Animation Festival

A woman with a blue jumper and lipstick wearing headphones round her neck looks very concerned.

This cathartic selection of artists' animations includes films that delve into our darkest fears and our greatest hopes.

Whilst we're living through a time that feels eerily as though we are enduring characters in an unfolding disaster movie, and with the climate crisis ever present in our media and minds, these films proffer reflection, release, escapism, and hope.  

Figures in Focus, (previously called Female Figures) was devised in 2017 by Abigail Addison, in recognition of the under-representation of female and non-binary animators and their stories within the independent animation sector. The programme showcases incredible work crafted by contemporary animators, both in the UK and internationally. 

Artists Qianhui Yu, Carla MacKinnon, Lauren Orme and Suraya Raja will join programmer Abigail Addison for a post-screening discussion. 

Running time: 76 mins + 30 mins screentalk 

CW: violence, blood, death, animal death, coronavirus, sexual harassment, sex, language, flashing imagery 


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