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HOME X: Digital Experience


A performer wearing a headset appears to be chopping down a tree in a futuristic gaming world.

Lose yourself in a futuristic virtual 3D world in this online experience where you can delve deeper into the land of HOME X.

Lovers of digital gaming can explore the visually stunning metaverse of HOME X in this online experience that will run in parallel to live performances in the Pit theatre. Take the ultimate side quest and delve deeper into this magical environment from the comfort of your home.

HOME X Digital is an interactive online performance that explores the meaning of home using moving real-life experiences from migrant communities. You'll be an integral part of the live show, contributing to the story by planting seeds, cutting trees and interacting with the live performers.

With an original score of electronic music by An-Ting 安婷 playing in the UK and opera singer Colette Lam performing soprano from Hong Kong; live break dance by choreographers Si Rawlinson in the UK and Suen Nam in Hong Kong.

Kakilang were formerly known as Chinese Arts Now (CAN).

This online experience runs in parallel to live in-person performances of HOME X. Tickets are booked for specific timed performances. This is an interactive experience rather than a streamed performance.

Access to the HOME X metaverse is via your own computer with a pre-installed app. Mobile phone access is not available. See the FAQ’s below for more information.

Ticket sales for this digital experience will close one hour prior to the performance start time (6.30pm for evening performances and 1pm for matinees) to ensure bookers can download the app and join the online world in good time. 

Age guidance: 10+
Running time: 70 minutes

Requirements: Desktop computer or laptop, strong internet connection. Knowledge of digital gaming platforms is recommended but not required.

If you would prefer a performance in the theatre, then we recommend booking for the in-person show.

Performed in English, Cantonese and Mandarin with English captions

Presented by the Barbican.

HOME X is co-produced by Kakilang (formerly Chinese Arts Now) and Don't Believe in Style and co-commissioned by Cambridge Junction, Oxford Contemporary Music and York Theatre Royal. The work is supported by StoryFutures and The Space, originally commissioned by British Council Hong Kong.

Image credit: Lidia Crisafulli and Ian Gallagher 


It is not an online streamed performance but a live interactive performance where the digital audience enters a 3D world from home to join the performance. You will be able to interact with the world and the performers.

This an interactive gaming experience for those with a keen interest in digital technology. It's accessed at home on your own computer.

In-person HOME X performances will take place in the Barbican theatre in parallel. Tickets to live performances are available to book here.


You do not need any specialist equipment (like a VR headset), though we do recommend using headphones and closing down other applications, programmes and browser tabs during the performance for the best experience. Please note that mobile phones and tablets are not suitable for accessing the production.

Once you have booked a ticket, you will receive a unique link 24 hours before your performance. This will allow you to download the app and it sends you a reminder 15 minutes before the performance. To prepare to watch, please download the app onto your desktop or laptop. You can choose between Windows and macOS, and will find set-up instructions on the download page.

In order to have the best experience of the performance, we recommend you to join the performance at a place with a strong internet connection.

We'll email you a unique access link 24 hours before your booked performance time.

This digital experience is directly linked to live in-person performances which will be happening at the Barbican at exactly the same time.

You will enter the online HOME X multiverse at the same time as the performers are stepping onto the stage in London and Hong Kong.

If you arrive late, then you'll miss part of the performance.

Yes. All dancers and musicians are performing and interacting with each other and the audience at the Barbican in real time. Through the online experience you’ll be able to see and hear the performance as you explore the HOME X world as an avatar.

We have used the gaming engine Unity to create a three-dimensional, virtual world. Depth-sensing cameras capture 3D video of the performers, and insert them into the 3D world. We use real time streaming of volumetric video enabling two dancers to see each other and themselves in VR, enabling close interaction across two continents. 

With music software jacktrip and WebRTC technology, we connect the London and Hong Kong performers in real time, which means the artists can act, dance and interact with both their digital selves and the audience avatars.


The technology for HOME X is developed by our Creative Technologist Ian Gallagher.

HOME X uses the gaming engine Unity to create a three-dimensional, virtual world.

In separate studios in Hong Kong and the UK depth-sensing cameras capture 3D video of the performers and “holoport” – that is, insert – that video into the HOME X world in real time.

The performers see and immerse themselves in the digital environment using virtual reality headsets, so although they are not in the same place physically, they see themselves and each other together inside the 3D game world.

The audience also enter the same world as avatars.

Using music software Jamulus and WebRTC technology, HOME X connects the London and Hong Kong performers in real time, which means the artists can act, dance and interact with both their digital selves and the audience avatars.

The capability to stream in realtime to a large global audience was kindly provided by Millicast.