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Inland Empire (15)

An actor and director sit on a dark set in a still from Inland Empire

The lines of role and reality blur for actress Laura Dern in David Lynch's 2006 surrealist neo-noir.

David Lynch and life-long collaborator Laura Dern are reunited in this 2006 psychological thriller written and directed by the surrealist legend. 

Nikki (Laura Dern) takes on the role of a woman having an affair, when she finds out it is the remake of a film left unfinished because of the murder of the stars. 

Experimental in all elements, the film was shot without a locked script, with the narrative being developed as the scenes were shot. Digitally, the film was shot on low-res digital video on a handheld Sony camcorder.

An elemental film of the noughties, Inland Empire sees Lynch reunite not only with Dern but also with with Jeremy Irons and Justin Theroux among other stars.

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USA 2006 dir David Lynch 180 min

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