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When Spring Came to Bucha (15) [UK Premiere] + ScreenTalk

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2023

Man stands at a window

March 2022, Russian troops withdraw from Bucha, and Ukrainian citizens emerge from their homes to face a new day. This film poignantly captures how a community continues to live, while war rages on.

Early 2022, after a month of intense fighting, the Russian army withdraws from Bucha, leaving the town destroyed in its wake. Citizens share their stories as they clean their streets of debris & re-build their shattered homes.

Yuri struggles to keep people supplied with clean drinking water. Olenka is the only pupil in her classroom after two classmates are killed, the rest having left the country. Yet, in the midst of suffering, a young couple gets married, and life must go on. A heart-rending yet empowering documentary telling stories of loss, hope and resistance.

Screentalk with: Filmmaker Mila TeshaievaUkrainian Human Rights Activist and Digital Strategist Valeriia Voshchevska, Deputy Director, Europe & Central Asia, Human Rights Watch Rachel Denber (via zoom) and Steve Crawshaw, Author and former London Director, Human Rights Watch.

Germany/Ukraine 2022 Dir Mila Teshaieva, Marcus Lenz 66 min (in the Ukrainian and Russian language)

Please note: this film contains images and audio from a war zone, including brief and partial images of covered bodies, mass funerals.

This is a captioned screening. HOH captions, including text description of significant sound effects as well as dialogue. Live-captioning of post-screening discussion.

There is audio description available for this title. We provide audio description using the Dolby Screentalk system. The film soundtrack comes through the speakers in the usual way and a recorded narrator explains what is happening on screen through personal headphones. Please ask a member of staff for a set of headphones.

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A man stands amongst the wreckage of a city

When Spring Came to Bucha Trailer

Watch the trailer for When Spring Came to Bucha, part of Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2023

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