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Koromousso, Big Sister (15) [European Premiere] + ScreenTalk

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2023

A woman walks

Personal stories, support and discovery abound in this small community of women from West Africa, who confront social norms and embrace the inherent power in pleasure and love for their own bodies.

With co-director Jim Donovan, Habibata Ouarme combines her own journey with friends’ personal stories to explore the lifelong effects of female genital mutilation and the road to individual and collective healing in Africa and Canada.

A journey of personal discovery, discussing the importance of female pleasure and the complexity of the female anatomy, and working to shed long-held feelings of shame and loneliness. While finding strength and joy in their own frank and intimate conversations, Habibata and her friends continue to advocate for wider access to restorative surgery and community conversations worldwide.

Screentalk with filmmakers Habibata Ouarme and Jim Donovan, Founder of The Dahlia Project, Global Advocacy Director of the Africa-led Movement to End FGM, Dr. Leyla Hussein, and Bethel Abera, Founder & Director of Hidden Scars.

Canada 2023 Dir Habibata Ouarme, Jim Donovan 75 min (in the English, Hindi, and Swahili language)

Please note: This film contains descriptive conversations around women’s experiences of female genital mutilation. 

This is a captioned screening. HOH captions, including text description of significant sound effects as well as dialogue. Live-captioning of post-screening discussion.

There is audio description available for this title. We provide audio description using the Dolby Screentalk system. The film soundtrack comes through the speakers in the usual way and a recorded narrator explains what is happening on screen through personal headphones. Please ask a member of staff for a set of headphones.

‘An education on a harmful traditional practice that’s still practiced in parts of West Africa – it captures the stories of solidarity among these irrepressible, strong African women.‘
Mausi Segun, Executive Director, Africa Division, Human Rights Watch

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