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Oceans: Our Blue Planet (U)

Family Film Club

A stunning multi-colour shot of the ocean, with lots of fish and sea life

To celebrate Earth Day 2023, Family Film Club is delighted to present this stunning documentary filmed by BBC Earth Films.

Discover the wonders of the deep in this family friendly documentary, boasting jaw-dropping photography from BBC Earth and narrated by Kate Winslet.

The film takes viewers on a journey around the world’s oceans to meet marine animals in their natural habitat – look out for acrobatic spinner dolphins, mobula rays with 10ft wingspans and tiny ‘tooled up’ tusk fish. An unmissable feast on the big screen.

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UK 2018 Dir Mark Brownlow, Rachel Butler 41 min

Captioned Screening: Please note, this screening is HOH Captioned.

BSL will be available for the introduction. 

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count. 

Booking is essential, so please book your tickets before attending.

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