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Elemental (PG)

Family Film Club

A fire person and a water person look at each other at a table.

The latest Pixar animation is joy to behold and a must-see big screen experience that celebrates difference, acceptance and courage.

In Element City, hot-tempered Ember is working in her father’s store when she accidentally causes a pipe to burst and the basement to flood. Enter Wade Ripple, a water element government inspector who is as chilled out as Ember is fiery. But even though they’re opposites, the two connect and their friendship blossoms into something that could transform both their lives and the attitudes of those around them.

A deeply personal film from director Peter Sohn, this wonderful animation is chock full of the gorgeous visuals you expect from Pixar as well as packing a big emotional punch.

Tagged with: Cinema family film club

Dir Peter Sohn 97min US 2023

Age suggestion: 6+

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