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The Plains (12A) + ScreenTalk with Director David Easteal

Experiments in Film

Experiments in Film, The Plains

A striking film focusing on the commute made by a man in his mid-50s in Melbourne, Australia.

As he drives home in Melbourne, the filmmaker captures the everyday reflections and musings of the man, which over the films 3-hour running develop into a poetic and intimate portrait of his motivations, and the nature of work, home, family and love.

The Plains, takes place completely within the car, with the camera shooting through the windscreen in order to capture the exterior landscapes and surroundings as we move through the urban space, a labyrinth of interlocked roads and other vehicles, on the journey to suburban Melbourne. Easteal shot at the same time of day, the evening commute, for a period of 12 months.

Australia 2022 dir David Easteal 180 mins

‘A tremendous achievement and, in a subtle way, an amazing work of art. ‘

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