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Crossing Voices + Introduction by Abiba Coulibaly

Emerging Film Curators 2022

Still from Crossing Voices

Responding to the intersecting crises of urbanisation, migration, and climate, Crossing Voices directed by Raphaël Grisey and Bouba Touré highlights African agency and gazes. 

Crossing Voices follows a group of migrant worker activists in France who decide to return to the banks of the Senegal River, recently decimated by a series of droughts, as Soumankidi Coura, a radical Pan-African agricultural co-operative.

Founder and filmmaker Bouba Touré’s archives form the basis of this documentary exploring the intersections of environmental and humanitarian struggles, highlighting the agency of a group that is often underestimated, while documenting abundance and progressiveness in a region frequently portrayed as unproductive.

We’re delighted to welcome curator Abiba Coulibaly to introduce the film.


Crossing Voices, 2022, Mali and France Raphaël Grisey and Bouba Touré ,123 min 

About the curator: Abiba Coulibaly

Curated by Abiba Coulibaly is a film programmer with a background in critical geography, interested in exploring the intersection between ethics and aesthetics.

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