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Dream Scenario (15) (AD)

Nicholas Cage walks through a car park in front of a car that has LOSER spray painted on it in red.

Overnight stardom turns into a nightmare for Nicholas Cage, an insecure professor who starts appearing in the dreams of strangers.

With one of the most intriguing careers in Hollywood, already-meta Nicholas Cage is perfect for the bizarre lead role in this dark comedy by Kristoffer Borgli, director of the acclaimed Sick of Myself (2022). 

Cage gives a nuanced performance as Paul Matthews, a teacher shot into viral fame after he starts appearing in people's dreams - everyone's dreams. A satire on short-lived fame, internet culture, and the way we connect (or don't) today, Dream Scenario takes a simple thought experiment, and drops it into our reality. 

Also starring Julianne Nicholson and Michael Cera.

Tagged with: Cinema New releases

USA 2023 dir Kristoffer Borgli 102 min

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