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Citizens of the World Choir and Friends

Citizens of the World Choir

A captivating performance from the Citizens of the World Choir, showcasing unity and diversity through the unique voices and talents of choir members and special guests of over 28 nationalities.

Witness mesmerizing dance, powerful poetry, heartfelt duets and inspiring readings woven into a tapestry of artistic expression, as we're transported to different cultures through a programme of carefully curated music from around the world.

Made up of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and their allies, the Citizens of the World Choir honours the artistry, heritage and humanity of people seeking sanctuary. In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, the audience is invited to participate, allowing you to raise your voice alongside the choir. From renowned stages like the Royal Opera House to a performance at Glastonbury and collaborations with acclaimed artists, the journey of Citizens of the World Choir has been remarkable. Join them for an afternoon celebrating resilience and the transformative power of music.

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Please note this event welcomes families with children of all ages, and audience members will be able to come and go as they please.

Children over 18 months will need a ticket of their own. 

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Milton Court Concert Hall