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Chagall Unlocked: Masterclass

Touch Designer Meetup

Chagall in a pink top with enlarged shoulders.

Join performer and electronic music producer Chagall in this masterclass where you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to delve into the mesmerising world of her interactive light installation B.A.B.Y.

At this hybrid masterclass and TouchDesigner meet up, Chagall provides a live demonstration, walking participants through her ingenious use of motion sensors and audio reactivity techniques that dynamically control the visuals and lights in her captivating live show, Unlocked

The masterclass provides an exclusive opportunity to explore the light installation B.A.B.Y and to connect with the TouchDesigner community. As with all TouchDesigner meet ups, this event encourages visual artists who use TouchDesigner to meet likeminded creatives and exchange ideas.

A great opportunity for learning and networking, participants are encouraged to ask questions and gain hands-on experience by trying out the cutting-edge technology for themselves.

Chagall: Unlocked runs in The Pit theatre from 21—23 Sep.

Running time: 2 hours (2pm-4pm)

Tickets are free but need to be purchased in advance. 

Live stream
The session will be live streamed by Music Hackspace.

Presented by the Barbican


Chagall Unlocked

Discover: Chagall Unlocked

Singer and producer Chagall brings captivating physicality and human intimacy to electronic music as she blends a live vocal performance with a stunning interactive light-art installation.


About Chagall

Chagall is Dutch singer, performer and electronic music producer who creates audio-visual live pop music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts and choreography, supported by sensor technology that that allows her to use the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time.

Without any technical education at all, Chagall joined the London music tech startup MiMU in 2014 which kicked off her fascination for movement controllers in electronic music performance and stimulated her to learn more about computer programming. In her artistic work she aims to humanise the digital and to create experiences that have a deep emotional impact as well as being sonically, visually and technically breathtaking.

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