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BBC Symphony Orchestra/Karabits & Anna Fedorova

Anna Fedorova has her hands clasped in the middle of an image with BBC SO branding around the outside

Anna Fedorova plays Rachmaninov’s sweeping Third Piano Concerto, and Kirill Karabits rediscovers the epic, intensely dramatic music of Ukrainian symphonist Boris Lyatoshinsky.

'Delicacy and passion in every phrase' was how one critic from Fanfare described the playing of the young Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova. She’ll bring all her powers into play when she joins Kirill Karabits and the BBC Symphony Orchestra in the mightiest of all Romantic piano concertos – an imposing upbeat to Boris Lyatoshinsky’s tempestuous Third Symphony of 1951.

It’s still something of a rarity in the UK, but Kirill Karabits has been an outspoken champion of neglected Soviet-era composers, and he’s convinced that the music of this major Ukrainain symphonist is powerful enough to speak on its own terms. 'If only Lyatoshinsky had lived in Moscow during Soviet times, instead of staying in Kyiv, his name would stand next to Shostakovich' he says 'It's just great music. Really great music'.

This performance will finish at approximately 5pm, including a 20-minute interval

Produced by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

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