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Academy of Art & Arabic Heritage Choir

The Academy of Art and Arabic Heritage Choir performing on stage

The Academy of Art & Arabic Heritage Choir take to our stage to celebrate the richness of Arabic culture and traditions through music.

‘From every garden a flower is picked and from every flower comes a unique fragrance that carries many old and new stories’. It’s with this sentiment in mind that the Academy of Art & Arabic Heritage Choir presents a veritable ‘bouquet of songs’ that reflect the beauty, diversity and history of the region – with accompaniment from traditional instruments including the tablah, oud, qanoun and ney.

Formed in 2016, the choir have made it their mission to bring communities together through music. And at the helm of this pioneering ensemble is Syrian conductor and musician Basel Saleh, whose previous projects include collaborations with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Damon Albarn of Gorillaz, as well as performances at major international festivals. Join them as they take us on an incredible journey of discovery.

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This performance will finish at approximately 9.30pm.