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Music for the End of Time

A candle burns in the centre of the image, with the star of David above it. Barbed wire runs across the photo, and a bird flies out of the right hand side of the image. The image has BBC SO branding around it.

Art created in unimaginable conditions – a BBC Symphony Orchestra Total Immersion day presenting music of the ghettos and camps of Nazi-occupied Europe.

The Theresienstadt ghetto, established in 1941, served many purposes for the Nazis. Its Jewish self-administration and relative cultural freedom was used as propaganda, while its inmates were subject to forced labour, malnutrition and further deportation to extermination camps. It was here that Jewish artists at the heart of the Nazi’s atrocities produced mighty works of art against all odds.

This Total Immersion day highlights the composers who created masterpieces in the most terrible of conditions. From an operatic political satire that dared to hope for a better world, to choral arrangements of 'degenerate' folk songs, to pre-war music that appears disturbingly prophetic, take a deep dive into some of the most remarkable cultural artifacts from the darkest days of the 20th century.

Produced by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Please note that the events in this Total Immersion day deal with subjects of a distressing nature