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What About China? (15) + Screentalk with Trinh T. Minh-ha

What about China?

The latest work by Trinh Minh-ha see’s the filmmaker draw from material shot in the mid-1990s from villages across China to explore the countries vast and contradictory histories.

Having been making work about the effect’s of colonialism since the early 1980s this latest film continues with Trinh’s previous approaches which draw from a multitude of voices and perspectives, through montage and experimental use’s of video to create a complex picture of how the idea of harmony functions within China.

The film is a fascinating combination of the filmmaker’s use of footage of rural residents, and the multi-layered commentaries which are at times poetic, informative, reflective and critical, resulting in a contemporary example of her continued interest in countering the euro centric nature of ethnographic traditions.

Following the film, director Trinh Minh-ha is in conversation with Dr Erika Balsom to discuss the film. 

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2022 United states, China dir Trinh Minh-ha 135 min

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