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Voices from the Lake

Black and white photo of Donato Dozzy and Neel wearing glasses

Voices from the Lake is the predestined collaboration of Donato Dozzy and Neel, a project born out of the serene Japanese mountainscape during 2011's Labyrinth festival.

Italian DJs, producers and long-time friends Donato Dozzy and Neel are nonconformists of ambient & leftfield techno, both masters of their craft before joining forces. Their self-titled album Voices from the Lake is the fruit of a live set worked up by the duo at Japan's infamous Labyrinth Festival. This Autumn, they will bring their vivid, multi-layered soundscapes to the Hall for the first time. 

To open the show, Grand River & Marco Ciceri present FOG – a live audio-visual piece described as a journey between the comfortable feeling of the known and the uncomfortable exploration of the limits of one’s incomprehension. Grand River is Berlin-based, Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer Aimée Portioli, who is joined by visual and media artist Marco Ciceri.

Performance times are expected to run as follows:

1930 - 2015 Grand River & Marco Ciceri present FOG

2015 – 2035 Interval Barbican Hall

2035 - 2205 Voices from the Lake

Produced by the Barbican. 


Photo of side view of Barbican Tower in black and white

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