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Triangle of Sadness (15) (AD)

A naval man sits at a table drinking wine

Palme d’Or winner Ruben Östlund returns with this savagely satirical tale of class clashes and role reversals, featuring Woody Harrelson, Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson and more. 

This outrageous comedy finds a rogues’ gallery of wealthy guests aboard a hyper-luxury yacht, whose downtrodden staff – under the command of their captain and avowed Marxist – must respond to their every belittling whim in the hope of winning tips.

When the vessel is shipwrecked after a storm, the remaining passengers and crew are left stranded on an island. Here, survival skills become the new currency and hierarchical structures are upended, with the ship’s toilet cleaner Abigail taking charge over the moneyed elites, who are at a loss without their creature comforts. Fate introduces a little equality among the survivors, with anarchic, shocking and hilarious results.

Just as director Ruben Östlund skewered art world in The Square, his latest film takes on the wealthy, social media set and the treatment of those in service industry jobs. 

Sweden 2022 Ruben Östlund 150 minutes

Please note: Triangle of Sadness contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy

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