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The Innocence (15)

London Bengali Film Festival Opening Night

A young woman smiles in a still from The Innocence

Love, dreams, politics, revolution, and the aftermath of the Bangladesh Liberation War, in this opening night screening of the Bengali Film Festival. 

Shot in stunning black-and-white, this 2019 film made waves as the longest non-experimental narrative film ever produced – nine years in the making, a shoot of 176 days, and a crew of over 4,000. We present it here at a more digestible running-time of 1 hour 45 minutes.

In this shorter version, a mosaic of characters of different ages and walks of life orbit a single central figure – a man known locally as the ‘lunatic’, who is also an ardent cinephile, and, potentially, a visionary filmmaker. In the words of the director, the film is dedicated to “all who have dreamt of cinema their whole lives but have gained nothing in the end.”

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Bangladesh 2019 Dir Ashraf Shishir 105 min Digital

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