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But Where Are You Really From? Call Me by My Name (15*) + workshop

T A P E Collective Presents

A still from Rice & Bread

It’s an experience not uncommon within a diaspora to have your name viewed as too foreign or exotic, and subject to either whitewashing or clumsy - and sustained - mispronunciation.

Expanding on the theme, this programme will look at the wider ideas of labels and definitions of identity and heritage. 

The final screening in a three-part series presented by T A P E Collective, of programmes of short films by mixed heritage filmmakers around the themes of identity and heritage, exploring othering, belonging and the trouble of melting pots.

Dalia Al-Dujaili leads a creative writing workshop, running for approximately 60 mins, after the screening in the Cinema Cafe, just outside the cinema. Working with prompts, attendees will have the opportunity to explore their cultural heritage and background further. 

This programme contains flashing lights and may not suitable for people with certain types of epilepsy.

Please note that some of the films contain discussion of generational and ancestral trauma and references to racism.

Please note: this screening is Hard of Hearing (HOH) captioned, but the workshop following the film does not have BSL provision. 

What’s in a Name?
In this documentary short, Brits explore the challenges they’ve encountered with their non-Western names.UK 2020 Dir Runyararo Mapfumo 11 min


But You’re Not Black
A Chinese-Caribbean-Canadian woman tries to embrace her parents’ Trinidadian identity and traces back her roots. 
Canada 2019 Dir Danielle Ayow 19 min


Rice & Bread 
A monotonous night in a south London takeaway is ‘enlightened’ when a delivery driver is reminded of a contentious theory he learnt on YouTube.
UK 2019 Greta Griniute 5 min

5 Stars
Across three Uber journeys, a woman of colour explains who she is to people who have already made their mind up. A poignant exploration of cultural lines and the desire for connection.
UK 2021 Dirs Remi Itani, Aneesha Lowni 13 min


Stranger Baby
Substituting sly metaphor for political rhetoric on immigration, Lin examines our world of ethical and racial complexities.
US 1995 Dir Lana Lin 14 min


Once an Old Lady Sat On My Chest
A magical realism short about a young British Nigerian woman who is forced to deal with her identity crises when a mysterious old woman squats on chest.
UK 2017 Dir Candice Onyeama 13 min


Northern Great Mountain - Stoerre Vaerie 

Elle, 78 claims that she is completely Swedish and has grown a resentment for Sami people even though she speaks Sami and grew up in the Mountains in Lapland. Under pressure from her son, she reluctantly returns north for her sister's funeral.
Sweden, 2015, dir. Amanda Kernell, 15min

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