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Soundhub Showcase

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Four composers, four very different ideas. LSO Soundhub Associates present an exciting array of fresh works in a composer-curated evening of music, developed in collaboration with LSO musicians.

Come with curiosity and an open ear. Plunge into the smoothly altering pitches of Joe Bates’ composition, exploring the sounds of water through siphon-based percussion instruments. Meander through a sonic sculpture garden produced by Alex Groves, zooming in on individual voices and out to reveal the full picture.

Meanwhile Marilyn Herman crosses genres, fusing folk music and classical styles, and Arthur Keegan-Bole crosses artforms, taking inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s infamous character Dorian Gray while exploring the role of dance in music.

The concert ends at approximately 8.30pm.

LSO Soundhub is generously supported by Susie Thomson

LSO Soundhub provides a flexible environment where composers can experiment with new ideas, while benefiting from access to vital resources and support from industry professionals, LSO musicians and staff. 

LSO St Luke's