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Finding Home, Forging Identity (15) + ScreenTalk

The Road to Nowhere magazine presents

The Road to Nowhere

Dalia Al-Dujaili curates a selection of shorts scrutinising how identities have been shaped by migration, asking what identity really constitutes, and celebrating the global nature of today’s society.

In today’s globalised age, ‘home’ can be a confusing notion, ‘identity’ even more so. Migration has enriched the world but has also caused challenges to traditional notions of belonging. 

The Road to Nowhere is a print magazine which intends to explore these very ideas whilst documenting the joy of being children of immigrants and diaspora through creativity. For issue two, we welcomed film submissions by first, second and third-generation immigrants and beyond.

Join us for a screening of eight brilliant shorts, followed by a ScreenTalk with some of the filmmakers.

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A representation of Shaymaa’s truncated and suffocated love for her mother, and her ongoing search for forgiveness and acceptance.

Italy 2021 Dirs Yosif & Mosa Keshk 3 min

Homeland Trilogy
Three short films (‘Fatherland’, ‘Motherland’, ‘Homeland’) explore the stories of the director’s family.

UK 2017 Dir Asena Nour 7 min

Photo Booth
A romantic comedy drama set in 1970s London, where an immigrant couple attempt to navigate Britain’s immigration laws -- and each other.

UK 2022 Dir Roxy Rezvany 8 min

A short fashion film explores the personal journey of one's cultural identity, looking at themes of homogeny, grief, sisterhood and otherness.

UK 2021 Dir Kynza K-j 8 min


Moments in New York lead one young woman to reflect on her childhood in Seoul as she redefines her idea of home.

USA 2021 Dir Eileen Yoon 10 min

A Crow Flies Backwards
The story of Sheila, as she grapples with her recent diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Diseases, attempting to re-imagine the town where her ancestors were murdered in a 1930s pogrom.

UK 2020 Dir Jacob Middleburgh 17 min

Zimmers of Southall
A documentary about the intergenerational subculture of classic BMW enthusiasts, and their love for cars and dub/roots reggae music, in Southall, West London.

UK 2022 Dir Hark1karan (Harkaran Singh) 9 min

A Connection is Drawn
An exploration of artist Khadija Niang’s complex sense of belonging with her ‘home country, Senegal.

UK 2021 Dir Khadija Cecile Niang 4 min


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