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Hereditary (15)

Post-Horror Summer Nights


After the death of her highly secretive and mysterious mother, things take an unsettling turn for Annie (Toni Collette) as devastating fractures begin to appear in her family.

The death of Annie’s mother casts an eerie shadow over her household, not least of which over Annie’s daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro), who was her grandmother’s favourite. Meanwhile, her son Peter (Alex Wolff) makes questionable decisions with catastrophic results, which sends the family spiralling further.

This is not your average horror. Decidedly off-kilter and strange, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that something is just not right. Though Collette is just one of an all-round fantastic cast, her performance as a woman on the edge is utterly flooring and arguably her finest hour yet.

US 2018 dir Ari Aster 127 min

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