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Emancipation (15) (AD)

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Will Smith in Emancipation

Will Smith makes a triumphant return in Antoine Fuqua’s harrowing slave drama on the historical figure of the abolitionist movement, “Whipped Peter”.

Set in Civil War era Louisiana, Will Smith stars in this brutal historical drama as the famed “Whipped Peter”, an American man who escaped from slavery in 1863 and enlisted in the Union Army. Peter became the subject of a series of photographs documenting the extensive raised welts marked on his back from whippings he endured at the hands of plantation owners, which in turn raised greater awareness to the treatment of slaves within the abolitionist movement.

In Antoine Fuqua’s gripping drama, Smith delivers a powerful and touching performance in his portrayal of Peter, a man who would do anything for his family in his fight for freedom.

US 2022 dir Antoine Fuqua 132 min

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