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Oska Bright Film Festival 2022: Queer Freedom (15) (LC)

Relaxed Screening

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Explore the intersection of queerness and disability through these short films about gender, friendships and the importance of language.

In this selection of films from the 2022 and 2019 Queer Freedom programmes curated for the Oska Bright Film Festival, we’ll explore a rich variety of queer stories from around the world.
From enriching encounters with drag queens to touching animated shorts, from quirky melodramas told entirely through feet to a gay teen romance sure to appeal to anyone who has been falling in love with TV series Heartstopper, these films, some delightful, some experimental and some very funny, offer unique representations of queerness and disability.

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A woman with Down’s syndrome woman leaves her past behind. Along her journey, she makes an unlikely friendship with an Outback drag queen.
Australia 2022 Dir Jacqueline Pelczar 12 min
This experimental film journeys through a sexual health clinic, opening up a discussion of whether medication should be recycled.
UK 2022 3 min
Pas de Deux
Follow Brogues and Sparkly Toes on their adventures of love, loss, dancing, and lots of mud! A tale told entirely through feet.
UK 2022 Dir Rebekah Fortune 6 min
Two teenage boys, both named Sam, meet at the swings each week to escape their dysfunctional home lives and slowly fall in love.
UK 2022 Dir Eyre & Ely 16min
Born to Dance with an Extra Chromosome
Drag Syndrome are superstars who have entirely changed the conversation about Down’s syndrome and drag, encouraging us all to embrace our inner diva.
UK 2019 Nikolay Nikolov 10min

Lipstick Fights
Jon Mitchell was mentored to create a poem, visuals and soundscape exploring gender and his deeply personal struggle with his own identity.
UK 2019 Jon Mitchell 3min
Enid & Valerie
A short venture into the dreams of lone spinster, Valerie, where she meets Enid (a witch). Could this be the start of an unlikely friendship?
UK 2019 Matthew Kennedy & Vitoria Bastos 2min
Loving Our Language: Pride in Disability Culture

This film explores queerness and disability, looking at the ways that culture and language are also part and parcel of many other communities.
Canada 2019 Dir Jen Sungshine & David Ng 6min
VAF 2018
Two girls in two countries are not as different as they seem to be. Can the VAF green dog help them to realise that?
Denmark Dir Jessica Laurent 2min

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A relaxed event takes place in an environment that is specially tailored for a neurodiverse audience, as well as those who find a more informal setting beneficial. 

The cinema environment is tailored to the needs of the audience.

For this screening:

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- The volume levels a little lower than usual.

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