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Detours (15*) + virtual ScreenTalk with director Ekaterina Selenkina and producer Vladimir Nadein

New East Cinema

A still of a man sitting clothed in a bath, from Detours

A dealer takes high risks stashing drugs throughout the neighbourhoods of Moscow in this haunting experimental film exploring power and control.

Moscow is experienced through the routines of a young ‘treasure man’, whose job is to anonymously hide stashes of drugs in locations across the city, sending online clients on ‘quests’ to pick them up. The landscapes are seen as a series of potential drop-off sites, marked with the constant presence of police force.

A sprawling meditation on the choreography of bodies in Moscow’s urban landscape, Detours utilises re-enactment, observational footage and fiction to explore the connections between the Darkweb and the anonymity of the city, between oppression and resistance. It draws the complex urban ecosystem, mapping the multiple routes of meanings a city holds.

Russia 2021 Dir Ekaterina Selenkina 73 min

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