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Interview with the Vampire (18) 35mm

My Twisted Valentine

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt look at each other in 19th century period costumes in Interview with the Vampire

Neil Jordan’s block-busting adaptation of the Anne Rice novel serves up romance, rat-drinking, vampire-fighting and gothic thrills aplenty. 

In contemporary San Francisco, a glum 200-year-old vampire, Louis (Brad Pitt), shares his life story with a reporter (Christian Slater). Louis’ tale begins in 18th-century New Orleans, where he first encounters the decadent Eurotrash vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise). In one of the movie’s steamiest scenes, Lestat introduces Louis to blood-sucking and immortality with an ecstatic bite to the neck. But Louis does not take eagerly to the diet and lifestyle and is tormented with guilt over his new nature.

At over 25 years’ distance, Interview with the Vampire looks more than ever a wonderous time capsule: the leads at the height of their smouldering good looks, a supporting cast including Antonio Banderas and (a very young) Kirsten Dunst, and some magnificent 90s hair. It is also, indisputably, an absolute hoot.

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US 1994 Dir Neil Jordan 122 min 35mm presentation 

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