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A Transcendental Experience

Black and white photo of Lionel Yu playing a grand piano

Expect surprises as pianist Lionel Yu, AKA YouTube sensation MusicalBasics, makes his UK debut in a thrilling concert of original works, new arrangements and remixes of popular classical pieces.

Ever wondered what happens when Dubstep meets Beethoven’s famous Moonlight Sonata? Or heard Vivaldi’s virtuosic Four Seasons violin solo given the drum and bass treatment? One thing is certain, MusicalBasics guarantees emotions of epic proportions. In a mix of solo piano, epic backing tracks and virtuosic arrangements, he leads us through classical favourites and a selection of original works from his two-volume album MusicalStories, starting with his piece, Rolling Thunder.
Known for epic remixes, emotional original songs, and unlikely genre combinations, MusicalBasics isn’t afraid to perform the unexpected. With over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel and hailed as ‘brave’ and ‘bonkers’ by Classic FM, MusicalBasics is a viral sensation with over a hundred million views on his Youtube videos.

Promoted by MusicalBasics Productions