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Mr Bachmann And His Class (PG)

Mr Bachmann and His Class

In a provincial German industrial town, Mr Bachmann teaches a diverse group of pre-teens, contending with cultural and religious differences.

The group is aware of societal pressure to achieve and they grapple with emotions ranging from pride to arrogance or anxiety. Mr Bachmann is determined to prove each child’s value and ensure they are equipped for high school.

They are simultaneously trying to balance their individualism with their national identity. The school has a big responsibility to eradicate exclusion and marginalization, whilst being sensitive to the divides along cultural and academic lines. Mr Bachmann’s intimate, holistic and progressive approach to teaching elevates the bond between teacher and pupil and gives this story hope, yet, his unconventional methods are tested by the complexities of the social realities inherent in the provincial German industrial town.

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Germany 2021 dir Maria Speth 217 min

German with English subtitles.

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