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All My Friends Hate Me (15) (AD)

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A group of people sit in a country estate in All My Friends Hate Me

After meeting old uni friends for a birthday weekend, reformed party animal Pete (Tom Stourton) wonders if they’ve grown apart, in this watch-it-through-your-fingers British horror-cringe-comedy.

The excitement of a long overdue reunion fades as Pete starts to realise that not only does he not have much in common with his friends, but they’ve bought along total random Harry (Dustin Demri-Burns) from the pub on the way over, who doesn’t seem to take to Pete…surely soon-to-be-fiancée Sonia (Charly Clive) will make things better?
Director Andrew Gaynord brilliantly builds up the sense of encroaching discomfort, as Pete starts to realise not only that his friends may really not be his friends anymore, but they may be worse…

Also starring Georgina CampbellAntonia ClarkeKieran HodgsonChristopher Fairbank and Graham Dickson

UK 2021 Dir Andrew Gaynord 93 min

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