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London Symphony Orchestra / Rattle & Magdalena Kožená

Kurt Weill

Magdalena Kožená

Sir Simon Rattle explores the dark secrets and memorable melodies of Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins and other satirical musical bulletins.

The Seven Deadly Sins: The story is set in America. Daughter Anna (Magdalena Kožená) is sent away from her family, tasked with bringing back the money to build a house on the Mississippi River. Through seven years and seven cities, from Memphis and Los Angeles to Philadelphia and San Francisco, Anna encounters the seven deadly sins. It’s money vs morals, and at every turn Anna must battle it out and make her choice.

When times are tough, there’s only one way to get ahead. Social comment has never been so shamelessly entertaining, particularly when combined with further unforgettable musical bulletins from Berlin as Weill knew it, a city on the edge. From lethally tuneful satire in Little Threepenny Music, to the ice-cold anger of Death in the Forest, with Andrew Staples and Florian Boesch as soloists.

Barbican Hall