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Opening Night: A Cat Called Dom (15) + ScreenTalk with Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson

London International Animation Festival

LIAF A Cat Called Dom

The English premiere of celebrated Scottish animators Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson's feature debut and recent winner of the Powell and Pressburger Award.

A mix of live-action documentary and animation, the film shows friends and collaborators Will and Ainslie struggling to shoot a semi-scripted film for Will’s mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Whilst alone, Will turns to Dom, the animated cat that lives on his laptop screen and interjects with observations, questions and actions that shed a light on his feelings in a darkly humorous way.

Emotions, events and styles collide in a film that’s openly not what it was originally intended to be but most importantly they find the heart of the film: Will’s love for his mother, who appears several times for moving exchanges with her son.

‘A Cat Called Dom’ will be preceded with the world premiere of Ainslie Henderson’s stop-motion short film ‘Shackle’ as well as the most recent short from Will Anderson ‘Betty’.

UK 2022 dirs Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson 145 min


Three archetypal woodland spirits explore the conflicting human drives of creativity, possessiveness and our desire for status.
UK 2022 dir Ainslie Henderson 10 min

A little green bird called Bobby is looking for his butter, his partner Betty and for the love that seems to have melted away.
UK 2020 Dir: Will Anderson 14 min

A Cat Called Dom
When an animator's mother is first diagnosed with cancer he reaches out to her through the making of an animated documentary. Over the course of several confusing years the project stalls. Attempting to reclaim the initial sentiment of the film, and in the hope of finding closure for both him and his mum, Will edits together pieces of the failed film to share with her.
UK 2022 Dir: Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson 60 min

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