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Marvellous Animations for 8-15 Year-Olds (PG)

London International Animation Festival

Burry man

These 10 films from 8 different countries have been chosen especially for children aged 8 and upwards and include themes such as otherness, friendship and tolerance.

They are films for the young but also the young at heart with several laugh-out-loud moments alongside tales that tug at the heart-strings.

Here you will meet charismatic characters such as a boy called Nemo, obsessed with his diving suit, a happy man who can’t stop crying tears of joy and  the mysterious Burry Man -  in a series of stunning visuals showing that animation is the best tool to transform the everyday into the magical.

Total Runtime 100 min


Death of the Gods
The story of a hug. A boy's journey across a surreal world to find his fallen giant.
UK 2022 Dir: Leto S Meade 11 min

The Most Boring Granny in the World
Greta has the most boring grandma in the world. When she falls asleep on the sofa, Greta gets the idea to play ‘funeral’ with her, initiating a sensitive conversation about death and memory.
Germany 2022 Dir: Damaris Zielke 7 min

The Perfect Fit
Patrick lives in a children’s home. After seeing a parrot in the zoo, he becomes obsessed with it, which makes it even harder to find parents who want to adopt him.
Lithuania 2022 Dir: Meinardas Valkevičius 10 min

Laika and Nemo
Nemo looks different. Nobody else wears a diving suit and such a huge helmet. But then he meets Laika, an astronaut.
Germany 2022 Dir: Jan Gadermann, Sebastian Gadow 15 min

Mezosoique Alternatif
Rex and his dinosaur friends are disturbed in their peaceful life by a tribe of annoying humans and a meteor shower crashing to Earth.
France 2021 Dir: Léna Miguet, Marie Schaeffer, Swann Boby, Sixtine Sanrame, Lucie Laudrin and Marion Metivier 5 min

Burry Man
When a Pictish farm is besieged by an endless winter, an adolescent girl must defy her father and his traditions to venture out beyond their family glen in search of a mysterious figure, the Burry Man.
UK 2022 Dir: Simon P Biggs 6 min

Paolo's Happiness
Paolo is a happy man who lives with his cat and who loves to cry. His tears mean the world to him. When he is sad, his tears comfort him, and when he is happy, his tears make him even happier.
Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic 2022 Dir: Thorsten Drößler, Manuel Schroeder 13 min

Polar Bear Bears Boredom
From bored bears to other otters, delightful wordplay—in both English and Japanese—guides this story through the deep blue sea.
Japan 2021 Dir: Koji Yamamura 7 min

A group of animals hook up a power grid to the socket-shaped snout of one big, sleeping pig.
Netherlands 2022 Dir: Jorn Leeuwerink 8 min

Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they try to cohabitate.
France 2021 Dir: Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise 8 min


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