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Family Film Club: Amazing Animations for 0-7 year-olds (U) + Free Workshop

London International Animation Festival

Fox and Elgar

Like childhood, animation is full of wonder and simple pleasures. This carefully chosen programme for our littlest audience contains 14 of the best, most recent wonderful short animated films

This programme contains several cheeky, loveable humans and animals in all sorts of mad adventures. A tiny dinosaur has ambitions to become a great big scary one, a large fluffy cat is searching for a comfortable spot to relax in, a crocodile can’t stop sneezing and a singing frog will have you singing along with his delightful song.

Don't miss our free animation workshop before the screening at 10am Cinema 2/3 CaféCreate your own characters from the short films you will see in the cinema and animate them with artists Reza Ben Gajra.

This programme has been locally classified. 

Total runtime 90 min


My Name is Fear
The fear that lives in your head wants to give an interview. Maybe you and Fear can become friends, or maybe there is a reason to be scared of Fear.
Germany 2021 Dir: Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez 5 min

Little Goat Man
His mother was a mum and his father was a goat. Get ready to sing along with these delightful characters.
Australia 2021 Dir: Sheldon Lieberman 2 min

In a world of toys a wooden robot feels lonely. When another robot appears their relationship starts to blossom.
Spain 2022 Dir: Ignasi Tarruella 5 min

A tiny dinosaur dreams that she is a big scary dinosaur. When danger strikes, she learns it’s what’s on the inside that counts—literally.
Australia 2021 Dir: Philip Watts 8 min

Fox for Edgar
Edgar is not getting a lot of attention and affection from his parents, as they prefer spending time with their smartphones and laptops than with their son.
Germany 2021 Dir: Pauline Kortmann 8 min

Cat and Moth
A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.
Canada,UK 2021 Dir: India Barnardo 7 min

Interconnection, form, function, flow: all these big ideas about change and growth sprout in playful ways when creatures shape shift and dance to the rhythm of discovery.
Germany 2022 Dir: Antje Heyn 4 min

Franzy's Soup-Kitchen
Lonely alien Chef Franzy discovers that her special pink soup is not just delicious, but also magical, when she shares it with starving creatures living on a strange planet.
Georgia, France 2021 Dir: Ana Chubinidze 8 min

The Adventures of Goar
An undersea explorer called Goar dives into the bottom of the sea to save her robot friend.
China 2021 Dir: Sergio Lu 6 min

Sign Up!
Jumping! Swimming! Singing! Five little monsters have fun following the signs.
Australia 2021 Dir: Philip Watts 2 min

Midge is hiking in the woods with her boring father. When she decides to leave the monotony of the hiking trail to set off on her own adventure, she makes a magical discovery.
UK 2021 Dir: Clara Schildhauer, Reyes Fernández 4 min

How Shammies Travelled
Hankie proposes to travel around the house with eyes closed. Space under the table suddenly turns into a dragon’s cave and the stairs into snowy cliffs.
Latvia 2021 Dir: Edmunds Jansons 6 min

Lost Brain
Every time Louise the crocodile sneezes, she loses part of her brain, until she cannot perform simple tasks and becomes trapped inside her own apartment.
Switzerland 2022 Dir: Isabelle Favez 6 min

The Smortlybacks Come Back!
In a barren world TamLin of the Little People travels with his herd of splendid smortlybacks in search of greener pastures.
Switzerland 2022 Dir: Ted Sieger 8 min

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