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Disrupting the Narrative - Black Voices, British Lives (15) + Panel Discussion (Captioned Screening)

London International Animation Festival

LIAF Disrupting the Narrative

Disrupting the Narrative brings together 10 exciting filmmakers that are doing just that by using innovative animation techniques to explore a wider framework about and beyond race.

The films celebrate the rich cultural diversity of black voices and British lives using animation, documentary, and avant-garde experimental techniques to explore themes of identity, race, family, cultural taboos, genre, gender and the shared joy of play that pushes the art form to the outer limits.

Hand-drawn animation exists side by side with digital animation, documentary footage with scratch animation, stop-motion clashes with collage, experimental with figurative. This thought-provoking collection of films highlights an important, and under-acknowledged, area of narrative and non-narrative animation by Black British and ethnically diverse filmmakers working in the animation industry today.

After the screening several of the filmmakers will take to the stage to discuss their work.

Total Runtime 110 min

This screening has been locally classified.

Disrupting the Narrative (Black voices, British lives) was co-curated with Osbert Parker -  BAFTA and Emmy nominated Director and Ambassador for FLAMIN at Film London.

This screening has Hard of Hearing Captions. 

Please note: This programme contains flashing lights and is not suitable for people with certain types of epilepsy.



Inspired by archival research into trans-racial adoption and her own family history, Dawta is a story of escaping the past through the imagining of an unknown future; through the imagining of an unknown hope.
UK 2021 Dir: Jessica Ashman 7 min

Yellow Fever
The concept of skin and race, and what that implies; the ideas and theories sown into our flesh that change with the arc of time.
UK 2012 Dir: Ng’endo Mukii 7 min

Something More
An exploration of the cause of youth violence and the impact of knife crime in London seen through the eyes of a mother raising her 8 year-old son in London.
UK 2022 Dir: Mary Martins 5 min

Black Moon
In a bleak dystopian world beauty abounds in the shapes and rhythms that are all around.
UK 2022 Dir: Toby Cato 3 min

The Divide
Love can exist within challenging circumstances. A poignant look at how a child’s creativity causes his mother to experience moments of happiness, profound beauty and finally the acceptance of a new life.
UK 2016 Dir: Mary Martins 5 min

Disney+ clips from Growing Up (Amiri/Sage/Gavin/Emily)
The challenges, triumphs and complexities of adolescence explored through the words of four young people on their paths to self-discovery and acceptance.
UK 2022 Dir: Osbert Parker 6 min
Production Company: Culture House

Masso Awwo
A journey through the beauty and chaos of Kampala city taxi park.
UK 2016 Dir: Duncan Senkumba 3 min

The Sounds of Jordan
A depiction of Trinidad’s chosen instrument, the steel pan - the magnitude of the instrument’s contribution to a once silenced community, which allowed broken souls to express and experience freedom.
UK 2022 Dir: Ezra Myers 3 min

Visual Music
A joyful depiction of music in motion using disposable everyday objects and the sound of big-band jazz.
UK work in progress Dir: Osbert Parker 2 min

Flowing through the current with whispers of ancient - and recent past -unseen forces pull, hinder, stun and refract.
UK 2022 Dir: Isabel Barfod 5 min

I Don't Protest, I Just Dance In My Shadow
A visualisation of the joy, frustration, wishes and dreams of what it feels like to be a black woman and a woman of colour artist, creating and existing.
UK 2017 Dir: Jessica Ashman 5 min

Clothes dance gleefully to the sound of a big band jazz soundtrack.
UK 1988 Dir: Osbert Parker 3 min

Sir John Lubbock's Pet Wasp
A bizarre and beautiful love story Inspired by the life and writings of Sir John Lubbock and an unnamed wasp.
UK 2018 Dir: Osbert Parker/Laurie Hill 2 min

Yours Truly
Characters burst through yesterday’s emulsion to tell the conflicting story of Frank and Charlie who sacrifice their morals to find love as two world’s collide.
UK 2006 Dir: Osbert Parker 8 min - 35mm presentation 

Robots of Brixton
Brixton has degenerated into an area inhabited by London’s new robot workforce – robots built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans no longer want to do.
UK 2011 Dir: Kibwe Tavares 6 min

The Invisibles
A day in the life of the homeless on the streets of LA, the ones that survive or live in a different reality, youngsters with a broken dream, war veterans, drug addicts, lonely people with no family, victims of the economic or emotional crisis.
USA 2013. Dir: Edgar H Alvarez 6 min

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