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Kinetic Readings of Carolee Schneemann’s Body Politics

Led by Feminist Duration Reading Group

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In this session of the Feminist Duration Reading Group, we will read out loud from some of Schneemann’s writings, discussing them alongside texts by other artists engaged in feminist politics.

The aim of the session will be to speak, hear, and discuss possibilities offered in artist writing as practice, and to discover what voices and voicing might emerge. Out-loud, kinetic reading proposes an extension of Schneemann’s methodology of kinetic painting. How might the voice or pen serve as methods to inscribe a surface or collective space with body politics? How might artists’ writing, alongside other expressive modes, connect to the themes of feminist performance, self-archiving, and history-making proposed by the Body Politics exhibition?

Writing was integral to Carolee Schneemann’s experimental and multi-disciplinary practice. Prose accompanied her research, planning and documentation of artworks, and she engaged in long-standing written correspondence with other artists, writers, and theorists.


The Feminist Duration Reading Group

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Discover: Carolee Schneemann

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Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics Playlist

Schneemann had an interdisciplinary and diverse practice. It is perhaps then unsurprising that she also had a wide-ranging taste in music - as happy listening to Minimalism as Marvin Gaye. Listen to a selection of the records that she loved here.

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