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Ratnik (12A) (LC) + Introduction by Director Dimeji Ajibola

Journeys across Afro-Futurism

A still from Ratnik

This action-packed dystopian film set shortly after World War III, focuses on Sarah Bello, a battle-scarred warrior travelling back home, only to find a litany of issues plaguing her family. 

A sci-fi movie set in an apocalyptic era, the film comes with several unique art directions that are totally different from the norms in Nollywood – the first of its genre to emerge from Nigeria in fact – ensuring that the film has one foot in the popular tradition of commercial Nigerian cinema, while also engaging with the visual language of video games, and the Hollywood genres of science fiction and action cinema.

Director Dimeji Ajibola's film incorporates futuristic iconography and advanced technology into an imagined version of Nigeria, bringing both an African locale and character to the well-trodden genre of the sci-fi adventure film, resulting in a visually rich experience which points to an exciting future for Nigerian popular cinema.

Nigeria 2020 Dir Dimeji Ajibola

LC = Local classification 

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