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Afro Brazilian Futurism (12A) (LC)

Journeys across Afro-Futurism

Afro Brazilian Futurism

This programme of science fiction filmmaking by Afro-Brazilian filmmakers showcases the range of styles associated with imagining and re-imagining Black futures.

These ideas and references take in connections to the African diaspora, using the freedom granted by science fiction to tell stories which address social inequality, legacies of racial inequality and the politics of Black identity.

The Brazilian filmmakers in this programme use their cinema to place the Black body in the centre of their films, in doing so addressing a perceived lack of representation and visibility across popular Brazilian audio-visual culture. The programme of shorts, highlights the exciting visual language of Black science fiction coming out of Brazil, and a younger generation of emerging filmmakers.

LC = Local classification

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Barbican Cinema 2


The life of an elderly couple in the suburbs departs from the everyday into a blurred alternative reality.
Brazil 2015 Dir André Novais Oliveira 15 min

Cartuchos de Super Nintendo em Anéis de Saturno 
Reality is playfully blended to explore the difficulties of life in an impoverished Brazilian city. 
Brazil 2018 Leon Reis 19 min

A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (The Woman at the End of the World)
A parable staged around two solo survivors after an apocalypse.
Brazil 2019 Ana do Campo 15 min

An imagined, visually arresting voyage through everyday modes of resistance from generations of Brazilian women’s experiences of racism.
Brazil 2015 Yasmin Thayná 22 min