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The Cry of Jazz + American Revolution 2 (15)

EFG London Jazz Festival: Jazz on Screen

The Cry of Jazz

These films showcase different portrayals of Chicago, race relations and politics throughout the 1960s, providing a back-drop to the radical jazz movements that would emerge across the decade.

A rare London screening of The Cry of Jazz, gives local audiences a chance to see a film which has been enjoying an increased profile across the US thanks to a recent restoration. The film is an angry declaration on what jazz means to African Americans, and despite its strong message, is an inventive and formally adventurous work, which adopts multiple approaches to explore the relationship between jazz and African American communities.

American Revolution 2 is a documentary which explores the politically tumultuous period of the late 1960s in Chicago, focusing on an allegiance being made between the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots Organization. The film was made by a collective of African American filmmakers under the name of The Film Group and drew on cinema verite traditions to create a portrayal of race relations in Chicago.

1959, United States, dir Edward Bland, 34 minutes

1969, United States, dir Howard Alk, 76 minutes

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