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The Bad Guys

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animated image of wolf and snake talking.

After a failed heist, a gang of criminal animals are given the chance to go good.

Wolf, Snake, Shark, Tarantula, and Piranha are ‘The Bad Guys’, a wicked criminal gang known for their elaborate heists who strike fear into the general public. Each has their own set of skills, from disguises to codebreaking, and they make a great team. When their latest theft goes wrong, however, the five lawbreakers are set to spend time behind bars. Wolf, the gang’s leader, thinks quickly and plants the idea that they could be rehabilitated by the city’s beloved public figure Professor Marmalade, a guinea pig who loves to do good deeds. While Professor Marmalade puts together a training programme which encourages good values such as kindness and sharing, The Bad Guys are planning their most audacious heist yet. ‘The Bad Guys’ is a comic crime caper which explores stereotypes and our ability to change for the better.

Tagged with: School Screenings

Recommended Age Group: 7–11

Recommended Subjects: Personal, PSHE Education

USA 2022. Dir. Pierre Perifel. 100 minutes

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