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Casablanca Beats

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A new teacher inspires the teenage students of a cultural centre in Morocco to express themselves through hip hop.

In Morocco’s largest city, a group of energetic teenagers meet their cultural centre’s new music teacher. Under the guidance of Anas, a former rapper, the students are encouraged to create and develop hip hop lyrics about their lives and perform them to each other. While the students use this opportunity to reflect their own difficult realities through the lyrics, Anas wants more. He interrogates their efforts, but also protects the students against criticism made by staff and parents. As the group discuss and debate their society – challenging religion, traditional gender roles, and more – they decide to put on a concert to truly express themselves creatively in a public forum. ‘Casablanca Beats’ is an authentic and engaging drama, based on the lives of the film’s director and ensemble cast, with an upbeat and vibrant tone.

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Recommended Age Group: 14+

Recommended Subjects: Arabic, Citizenship, Democracy, Human Rights, Languages, Music, Religious Education, Spirituality. 

France/ Morocco 2021. Dir. Nabil Ayouch. 102 minutes

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