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Belle plus Q&A with designer Eric Wong

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Loosely based on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairy tale, this modern interpretation has dazzling visuals and a beautiful soundtrack.

Suzu is a socially awkward high-school student who lives with her father after her mother tragically drowned. She finds solace in an incredibly popular new app called ‘U’ which allows users to transport themselves into a colourful virtual world as an avatar which is automatically generated based on the person’s appearance and characteristics. However Suzu inadvertently uses a photo of her friend when uploading which, combined with her username, gives her anonymity. With this protection in place, she finds the confidence to resume singing which quickly results in her becoming a worldwide sensation. Dubbed ‘Belle’ – meaning ‘beauty’ – by her fans, she soon discovers the many sides of social media. But when she learns about a destructive character within the app known as the Dragon, Belle’s instinct tells her to help him.

Tagged with: School Screenings

Recommended Age Group: 11+

Recommended Subjects: Film Studies, Information Computing Technology, Music, Personal, PSHE Education

Japan 2021. Dir Mamoru Hosoda. 121 minutes.

Into Film

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