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INSTRUCTIONS FOR DESTRUCTION: feminist anti-capitalist scores for the future

performingborders: Body, Politics & Live Art

broken white plate with the word 'patriarchy' written in black. This is all on a blue background

Image courtesy of Jemima Yong & Anahi Saravia Herrera

Explore manifesto as performance, read & think through examples together, and write your own against the patriarchy.

Manifestos are seeded from a desire to make (im)possible, (un)reasonable, and necessary demands. They are simultaneously critical writing, performance, textual screams of frustration, instructions for destruction and scores for the future. Manifestos paint political imaginaries whilst evoking emotion and calls to action beyond the page. They can be read as instructions, as scores that mark out how to get out of the situation we find ourselves in, and are also speculations on what there might be beyond. Join us for this participatory workshop where we will read & write manifesto against the patriarchy, thinking with the exhibition Carolee Schneeman: Body Politics.

Led by Jemima Yong (she/they) and Anahi Saravia Herrera (she/her).

BSL interpretation and refreshments will be provided.

Please note this event is three hours long.


Jemima Yong (she/they) and Anahi Saravia Herrera (she/her) make work that creatively interprets political situations and feelings. Between us, we hold experience as performers, curators, writers, and community organizers. Jemima and Anahi are interested in creatively reflecting on our felt experience of power structures as women, migrants, cultural workers + ambiguously young people. We gravitate towards creating work that involves the act of making the covert explicit. We like to laugh when we do this, so humour is also important. We live & work in London (for now). 

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