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How to launch a chart topping podcast

In The Mix

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Join PRESSED audio producer, Pilar Nalwimba, as she talks through the launch and growth of the biggest podcast on BBC Sounds.

Starting a podcast can be challenging, but the success of your podcast is based on many factors like your audience, the right equipment and skills to produce quality audio content. Not to mention also having an interesting, engaging podcast topic to start the conversation.

If you are planning to create your own podcast, then join us for this In The Mix session so you can prepare your podcast for success before it even launches.


In The Mix is in collaboration with Black Creators Matter, BBC Studios Talentworks and Barbican Creative Learning.

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Pilar Nalwimba
Audio Producer 

Pilar is a producer and podcast host who won an ARIA Award from the Radio Academy in 2020 for her work on the Reality Tea podcast. In addition to that, she is also a producer on the BBC Sounds podcast PRESSED, produced with BBC Studios TalentWorks and Unheard. She has previously worked on Social Media campaigns for The BRITs, The Voice Kids UK, Warner Music Group and formed part of ITV’s Winning team at the Promax Awards 2018 for Best Use of Social Media Content on Love Island.

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