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Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (15) (AD)

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack lie on a bed and look at each other

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack explore female pleasure, shame and fulfilment in this emotionally intimate sex-positive drama.

Nancy (Thompson) is a middle-aged widow and teacher, who has never experienced an orgasm. Finally giving herself permission to explore this area of her life and personality, she calls on sex worker Leo Grande (McCormack). Secure and emotionally intelligent, Leo enjoys his work, in contrast to Nancy, who nervously embarks on unpicking all her hidden baggage, until she develops a better understanding of herself and needs.

Filmed with just these two actors in one location, and with a script by comedian Katy Brand, this is a fun and fearless story that never seeks to tip over into romance and delegitimise pleasure as its primary focus. 

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UK 2022 Dir Sophie Hyde 97 min

Captioned Screenings: Please note, the screening on Sunday 10 July in Cinema 2 at 2.45pm is a HOH Captioned

There is audio description available for this title. The film soundtrack comes through the speakers in the usual way and a recorded narrator explains what is happening on screen through personal headphones. Please ask a member of staff for a set of headphones.

‘Closed off one minute and yearning to be held the next, the film likewise teeters between the staccato iciness of Harold Pinter and the momcore joy of Nancy Meyers without fully surrendering to either‘

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