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GoGo Penguin

The three members of GoGo Penguin: three white men wearing denim shirts with short haircuts. There is a swirling effect over the image.

Cutting-edge contemporary jazz trio GoGo Penguin perform music from their latest album, for the first time since its release in summer 2020, join us in the Hall or watch from your home.

Polyrhythms, beautiful melodies and thunderous sub-bass lines combine into luxurious soundscapes, influenced as much by electronic music as minimalist composition. With mesmerising lighting sculpted by Lewis Howell, the trio perform a new live show. 

GoGo Penguin have been releasing music since 2014. Their freestyle jazz approach to performance melded with a plethora of influences has seen them hailed as the ‘Radiohead of British jazz’ (Line of Best Fit). They appear tonight performing music from their 2020 Blue Note Records release, the self-titled GoGo Penguin, together with new music and favourites from their luminous back catalogue. 2022 also marks the touring debut of the band's latest member, drummer Jon Scott, who brings his own uniquely propulsive style to the Manchester based trio’s exhilarating music.

Warning: this performance will contain strobing effects

Produced by the Barbican

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blurred effect photo of the three band members

Listen: GoGo Penguin

Listen to GoGo Penguin's self-titled 2020 album on Spotify

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