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Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter (18) + ScreenTalk with director Gustavo Vinagre (live from Brazil)

Forbidden Colours

Three Tidy Tigers

Three young LGBTQ+ people drift through São Paulo as a memory-destroying pandemic rages through the city in this wonderful, provocative Brazilian comedy.

In Gustavo Vinagre’s extraordinary comedy, which won the Teddy Award for the best queer film at the Berlinale, three young queer people – Isabella, a student, Pedro, a sex worker and Jonata, Pedro’s HIV-positive nephew – amble through a city plagued by the fourth wave of a pandemic that affects brain and memory. The everyday merges with the surreal - the gang deface a poster of president Jair Bolsonaro, a boy vomits glitter on to the pavement and comes out as gay to his appalled mother, we witness a quite extraordinary cabaret number…

A plot description cannot do justice to what Vinagre achieves with this off-the-wall film. This is queer cinema at its most radical, its most mischievous, its bravest, its – well, queerest. As such, it’s the perfect film to kick off this year’s London Pride weekend.

Brazil 2021 Dir Gustavo Vinagre 86 min

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