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Singin’ in the Rain (U)

Family Film Club

Gene Kelly standing on a lamppost in Singin' in the Rain

Set in Hollywood at the moment films switched from silent to sound, the action follows superstar heartthrob, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), as he transitions from on screen mime to musical maestro.

Along for the ride are his best friend Cosmo (Donald O’Connor) and Cathy Seldon (Debbie Reynolds), the rising actress that Don falls for. But will the three friends survive the machinations of the devious scene stealer Lina Lamont, Don’s deluded co-star? Come along and find out at a morning of sparkling glamour and musical brilliance.

Featuring some of the best dance sequences ever committed to celluloid and more catchy tunes you can shake a stick at this is a brilliant chance to introduce your next generation of cinema goers to a golden age classic up on the big screen. 

Just before the screening between 10-11am in the Cinema 2 & 3 foyer, there will be a free movement workshop, hosted by Monica Rivas. Sign up in the venue on the day, limited spaces available. 


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US 1952 Dirs Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly 103 min

Age recommendation: 6+

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count. 

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