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The Autobiographical Trilogy (18) +Introduction by Gallery curator Lotte Johnson

Carolee Schneemann Film Series

Fuses (Carolee Schneemann, 1964-67)

For one screening, we bring together the three films in Carolee Schneemann’s “Autobiographical Trilogy”.

Made over a period of twelve years, this trio of films – Fuses (1964-66), Plumb Line (1968-71) and Kitch’s Last Meal (1973-76) – together explore sex, art and intimacy. Filmed in Schneemann’s own home, they could be loosely described as ‘diary’ films. 

Fuses documents Schneemann and her long-term partner, James Tenney, at home, having sex. In a revolutionary move, Schneemann gives as much weight to sexual intimacy and pleasure as experienced from the woman’s point-of-view, as from the man’s. 

Plumb Line chronicles a period of crisis in Schneemann’s life, marked by anguish over the dissolution of an intimate relationship and the ongoing war in Vietnam. 

Completing the trilogy, Kitch’s Last Meal documents Schneemann’s domestic life in upstate New York with her then-partner the artist Anthony McCall, as seen through the eyes of her elderly cat.

Total running time 86 min

Please note: this programme includes scenes of real sex.

This screening is locally classified

Fuses (Carolee Schneemann, 1964-67). Courtesy of Lux


Barbican Cinema 3